Are Electric Toothbrushes Better Than Manual Toothbrushes?

First of all, regardless of whether you choose to brush with an electric toothbrush or a manual toothbrush, the most important thing is to brush (and floss) daily. That being said, should you fork out the money for a fancy, electric toothbrush, or stick to the tried and true manual toothbrushes?

Rechargeable or battery powered toothbrushes are going to cost more than a manual toothbrush, but they claim to have much greater benefits than brushing the old fashioned way. Some of the claimed benefits include:

  • Cleaner feeling teeth
  • More plaque removal
  • Helpful for sensitive teeth
  • Ability to whiten teeth with specialty brushes
  • Improves gum health

If you are thinking about trying an electric toothbrush, but don't want to spend a great deal of money, there are "starter" models out there that have a much lower price tag. You can find battery operated toothbrushes at most grocery stores and pretty much all drugstores and big-box department stores (Target, Walmart...). For about ten bucks or less, you can try one out, then decide if you want to step up to a fancier model at a later date.

If you do decide to give one of the electric toothbrushes a try, just remember that you will need to make a few changes to the way you brush. Since the toothbrush does most of the work for you, there is no need to apply pressure to your teeth and gum area. Make sure the toothbrush is easy to hold on to, and you can manipulate it around all areas of your mouth with ease.

Another great place to find inexpensive electric toothbrushes to try one out is on the internet, and eBay always has some great deals on toothbrushes and replacement heads.  Here's a small selection of the starter, battery powered electric toothbrushes you can buy right now.  Clicking on the links below will take you directly to eBay, where you can learn more about the product and buy electric toothbrushes at discounted prices:

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How Often Should you Change Your Electric Toothbrush Head?

replace electric toothbrush head post imageThe American Dental Association and the Council on Scientific Affairs have published these recommendations regarding how often you should change your electric toothbrush head:

"Replace toothbrushes at least every 3–4 months. The bristles become frayed and worn with use and cleaning effectiveness will decrease. Toothbrushes will wear out more rapidly depending on factors unique to each patient. Check brushes often for this type of wear and replace them more frequently if needed. Children’s toothbrushes often need replacing more frequently than adult brushes."

The ADA also recommends that you replace your toothbrush head after any illness, even if you have an antimicrobial electric toothbrush head.  In addition to replacement recommendations, they also say you should rinse your brush off after each use, refrain from storing your toothbrush in an enclosed environment, and do not share toothbrushes.